Friday, October 23, 2015

The Order 1886 - Part 4

Been a while, again. But here we are with another set of The Order 1886.

Before that, earlier this week I finished the episodic series Life Is Strange, as well as Tales From The Borderlands. Both were great, and I applaud both Telltale and Dontnod for their work. I am working on a second playthrough of Life Is Strange, as I have resisted looking up the other versions of the ending and want to experience at least one first hand (well, technically I read about it, I just haven't SEEN it yet). I am preparing for this to be me:

also me after playing the Fizzie: The Inside Story side mission in Sunset Overdrive.

Also, the ending was fine. I have spoken, and I am always right. A-hyuk-hyuk.

And before the actual content, my friend Moose told me about a great band called The Unlovables, who recently got back together after an 8 year break to record a split LP with Dirt Bike Annie, who also reunited for this album. If you love sappy female fronted pop-punk like I do (it's my only true weakness in life), do yourself a solid and check them out!

Reunion Show split LP (Soundcloud link, autoplays)
Heartsickle (Bandcamp)
Crush*Boyfriend*Heartbreak (Bandcamp)

And with that, hit the jump for more Photo Mode goodness:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Return Of Photo Mode Photography: The Order 1886 part 3

Welp, I am officially bad at updating things. Started a new job and such, but mostly being lazy.

So let's cut to the chase and hit the jump for some more Order 1886 screenies!