Friday, October 23, 2015

The Order 1886 - Part 4

Been a while, again. But here we are with another set of The Order 1886.

Before that, earlier this week I finished the episodic series Life Is Strange, as well as Tales From The Borderlands. Both were great, and I applaud both Telltale and Dontnod for their work. I am working on a second playthrough of Life Is Strange, as I have resisted looking up the other versions of the ending and want to experience at least one first hand (well, technically I read about it, I just haven't SEEN it yet). I am preparing for this to be me:

also me after playing the Fizzie: The Inside Story side mission in Sunset Overdrive.

Also, the ending was fine. I have spoken, and I am always right. A-hyuk-hyuk.

And before the actual content, my friend Moose told me about a great band called The Unlovables, who recently got back together after an 8 year break to record a split LP with Dirt Bike Annie, who also reunited for this album. If you love sappy female fronted pop-punk like I do (it's my only true weakness in life), do yourself a solid and check them out!

Reunion Show split LP (Soundcloud link, autoplays)
Heartsickle (Bandcamp)
Crush*Boyfriend*Heartbreak (Bandcamp)

And with that, hit the jump for more Photo Mode goodness:

Galahad meets with the rebel leader. Twist!

Being an action hero isn't all guns and chest high walls, y'know.

If the Knights Of The Order thing doesn't work out, Galahad could probably be an athlete as a back up plan.

Rooftop shot from the shipping dock.

Galahad provides sniper support.

Galahad very slowly getting away. Read this in Principal Skinner's voice.

Simple tension breaking puzzle room, activate!

A relaxing stroll down the docks.

What could be inside? Vampires? Yes, it's vampires. Twist!

Fire: The solution to, and cause of, many of life's problems.

Firefight in a burning warehouse.

Next chapter: Alastair joins Galahad in a covert op.

A sneaking section just isn't complete without shimmying...

...Or mandatory stealth sections with quit(er) weapons.

And that does it for this update! There's enough for one more update, which hopefully will go up before the end of existence. And with that, I leave you with the one of the hardest choices you have to make in Life Is Strange:

I suppose there's also the ending, but seriously, WHICH ONE?!

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