Monday, September 7, 2015

The Order 1886 - Part 2, also video
Well, it's been a while, and I blame Wasteland 2 for that. Time for another batch of The Order 1886 photo mode shots.

But first, I decided to give Blender's video editor a go. Blender is a free multimedia suite that does 3D, texturing, rigging, compositing and video editing all in one program (in a nutshell, you can make an entire project inside this one program). It's kind of the opposite of "user-friendly" so if you decide to check it out, be prepared to hit up YouTube for some tutorials.

Here's the result. Nothing fancy, just some Sunset Overdrive DVR footage I had laying around cut together with some text overlays I made in Photoshop. If you have the Windows Xbox App, you can download your DVRs to your computer. Nifty!

At one point, I considered making this a lyric video, but some of the clips don't have the full mix with vocals playing, and also the explosions and utter mayhem kind of drown the vocals out in places.

And now, for more of The Order 1886, hit the jump.

A metro poster ad, referencing God Of War.

Galahad in the metro.

The police discover a bloody mess.

Sometimes a good ol' shimmying is in order.

A lycan (werewolf, yes, like Underworld) lunges at Galahad.

Lycans use hit-and-run attacks, they are more open for counter attack when they flee.

The Round Table itself. Sadly, there is no Monty Python-sque musical number.

Nikola Tesla's workshop.

Tesla shows Galahad a gadget used to short electronic locks.

1886 might be a bit more high tech, but traditional horsepower is still the main method of ground transport.

Newspapers, one of the collectible types to be found.

Galahad passes by a vagrant.

Galahad and Lafayette witness a street beating.

A shelter used by London's homeless.

An anti Monarchy protest.
That's all for this set, stay tuned for more of The Order 1886. Thanks for reading.

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