Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Order: 1886 - Part 3, also art

Got another patch of screens from The Order: 1886, as well as some art, because why the heck not?

So let's start with the Photoshop paintings:

One version of my Sunset Overdrive character. I like to change her up every once in a while.

That's Fizzie, the mascot for Fizzco, the beverage company slash antagonists of Sunset Overdrive, dressed up as Santa Claus. The really cool part is that it was used in a fan tribute video that is streaming IN THE GAME on Sunset TV screens, until the end of time (or, I guess until the servers streaming the video go down)!  If you have a copy of the game, do yourself a solid and check out the other great works that made it into the video.

Drew this after I saw Millencolin in concert last week. It's their mascot as it appears in the music video for Bring Me Home.

Somehow I got the idea to do a parody of Bad Religion's Suffer artwork, using The Other Side by Tonight Alive as the inspiration.
Alrighty, hit the jump for more of The Order: 1886!

At a rebel hideout, gettin' sloshed.

Burlesque and Roulette

It's such a nice day out, so they take the rooftops.

Chest high walls: a sneaky person's best friend.

Taking cover from sniper fire.

"Ally-oop!" - Powdered Toast Man

Little Big Planet Sackboy doll.

Galahad with the Thermite Rifle, which can fire a cloud of ignitable Magnesium.

Getting someone's ass out of the fire. That Thermite Rifle would be really handy right about now!

I'll be honest: I can't remember if they died here or not. Probably, because DRAMA.

Far shot of the Thermite Rifle in action.

Galahad and Igraine explore the metro with search lamps.

Those smoke particles, tho

What used to be the lobby of a hospital.

Creepy silhouette is creepy.

And that's it for this update. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more.

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