Monday, August 10, 2015

The Last Of Us: Left Behind - Finale (end game spoilers)

image: playstaytion blog
It's time for the latest and final batch of Photo Mode grabs for Left Behind. There's obvious spoilers inside, but if you've played the main story, you know what's what. Not sure what's next for the blog in the short term, but I'll think of something.

Thanks once again for reading and hit the jump for all the goodness and #Feels.

Present Day: Clickers and Hunters duke it out.

Throwback to the music shop in the main story.

Nope, not ominous at all.

No need to worry, just a frozen dead guy.

Left Behind introduced scenes where the player could cause the Infected to attack Hunters by attracting them with sound.

It's pretty effective.

An abandoned card game.

Ellie nears where she stashed Joel. She can hear Hunters in the distance.

The finale of the last big battle in the present day. I was a little caught up in the fight, all you get is an aftermath pic. Again.

Flashback: After attracting a horde of Infected with loud music, Riley uses a mannequin arm to keep a door shut.

On the run from more Infected.

Cornered, they decide to jump.

The final playable scene. This is the Infected that bites both Riley and Ellie, setting up the main events of The Last Of Us.

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