Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Last Of Us: Left Behind - Part 4

image: playstation blog
Howdy. We return with with more teenage hijinks from Left Behind. But before we get to that (OH LORDY NOT THE SOAPBOX AGAIN! Don't worry, it'll be brief):

Nolan North is replacing Peter Dinklage as the voice of Ghost in Destiny. Now, I traded in Destiny after a month like any sane person did, but this is a fantastic excuse to post this:

Rust in peace, Dinklebot. If you want to know why I traded in Destiny, go watch Angry Joe's review (contains lots of nerd rage and curse words, if that's not your thing). With the exception of the tasteless battered wife analogy, I pretty much agree with everything he says. That'll save me having to type out everything wrong with the game, and also costing you half an hour of your time! WIN! Well, for me at least.

With that out of the way, hit the jump for more Left Behind goodness:

Flashback: Back in the Boston mall, Ellie and Riley go check out the next part.

Ellie rides the carousel, which stops working shortly after. Because of course it does.

Riley gives Ellie the notorious pun book.

They are clearly having too much pun here. Wait, what?

A photo booth, which uses optional Facebook integration. I didn't save mine this playthrough, but you can allow the game to post, once per playthrough, a film strip image of the pictures Ellie and Riley take.

Ellie's take on the mall's pre-recorded announcer lady, which still functions.

An escalator! Fun!

An arcade! Actual fun!

Ellie sits in a racing cabinet for Jak & Dexter, another Naughty Dog IP.

An Angel Knives cabinet, just like the busted up one in the main story. It's still non-functioning, though.

A little imagination is all is needed to play, though.

For instant creepy, just add mannequins in a dimly lit corridor.


Ellie and Riley play a game of Cat And Mouse. With Super Soakers.

Peter Dinklage, Peter Dinklage, Peter Dinklage, PEEEEEEEEEEEETEEEEER DINKLAAAAAAAAGE! Sorry, still listening to it. Thanks again for reading, stay tuned for more Peter Dinklage. I mean, the last set.

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