Friday, July 31, 2015

Life Is Strange Episode 4: The Dark Room (slight spoilers)

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We interrupt Left Behind for some shots from the newest episode of Life Is Strange, or as I like to call it, Just Kiss Already, You Two: The Game.

Spoiler alert, it totally happens. Unless you don't, then you are dead inside. How does it feel to be dead inside?!

Episode 4 launched this week, and they definitely pulled out the Feels Sledgehammers in it. So here are some slightly spoilery shots (the first few, at least), courtesy of Hitting The Jump:

Alternate Timeline: Chloe's father William (deceased in regular timeline) worries over health care bills for Chloe, who is paralyzed from the neck down. It MIGHT be a commentary on America's health care system. Maybe.

Chloe's old bedroom in the Alternate Timeline.

Max has a moment to stop and think.

After the first Sledgehammer of Feels, we are back in the regular timeline. Chloe pokes around on the internet while Max has another sit-and-think.

The focus of the camera was on the documents, but I was more intrigued by the framing of the graffiti.

Chloe's been up all night sleuthing on the internets.

A blue jay flies into the house. Your choice to let it out or not.

Later, in the room of Nathan Prescott, Blackwell's richest and most spoiled student.

The classic Board O' Clues.

Obligatory creepy barn.

The End Of The World Party, thrown by The Vortex Club, Blackwell's student-run socialite club.

Max navigates the junk yard with her phone for illumination.
And that's all for today. Also, holy crap, that ending. Almost had another freakout in the shower the morning after like I did after completing episode 3. I am expecting Telltale's The Walking Dead levels of Feels in the fifth and final episode. No pressure, Dontnod!

Thanks for reading and we'll be back with Left Behind in the next update.

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