Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Last Of Us: Left Behind - Part 1

image: playstation blog
Well, it's a been a while, so here we go with shots from The Last Of Us' one and only story DLC, Left Behind, which tells the story of Ellie and her best friend, Riley, before the main events of The Last Of Us through a framed narrative which switches between  the Winter time segment and the past.

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Present Day: Ellie sets off to find medical supplies for Joel.

Opposite the previous shot. Chest high walls may be an indication of things to come.

This store is apparently a parody of an actual store.

Like many stores, this pharmacy is nearly picked clean by scavengers.

Signs of the Infected on the ceiling inside the toy store.

Creepy dolls.

Like, seriously. Creepy.

An Infected in his final resting place. He has the key to get to the back room of pharmacy, naturally.

"How about a hug, my dear?"

Of course, an enemy must appear as soon as you get the key.

The back room of the pharmacy is a bust, but something tells Ellie she might find some meds in here.

One of the chopper's occupants, with supplies, no doubt.

Not what Joel needs, but Ellie sure could use it.

A reminder of the lengths we go and the money we'll spend on things that will seem trivial once the world's gone to hell.
That's the first set down, more to come, as always! Thanks for reading. Next entry, we'll get our first look at the hijinks with Riley in the past.

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