Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 14 (End game spoilers)

This is it, the final set of shots for the main story of The Last Of Us. I had a blast reliving this amazing emotional journey for the third time.

Obviously, there will be end game spoilers after the jump. Enjoy.

Joel arrives in the surgery ward.

One last group of Fireflies stands in his way.

Making the final push.

Joel rushes to the room where they are keeping Ellie.

The doctors are about to start working on removing the parasite from her brain.

A standoff. The player has no choice but to kill the closest doctor. The other two are optional, depending on how ruthless you feel like being.

Joel carries Ellie away while being chased by Fireflies. Joel has chosen to sacrifice the human race for the life this one girl whom he has grown attached to. In one final, defiant act, he murders Marlene to prevent her from following them and lies to Ellie, saying that the Fireflies gave up on finding a cure for the Cordyceps.

We are now in control of Ellie for the final stretch of the game. They have returned to Jackson County.

Joel tells Ellie that she would have been good friends with his daughter, Sarah, as they have similar personalities. It seems Joel needs to do this in order to justify his actions.

The final path before the game ends. Ellie confronts Joel about what he said on the drive to Jackson. He persists with the lie, which Ellie may or may not believe.
And so concludes this story. Up next will be Left Behind, the single-player expansion for this game.

Thank you for reading.

A bonus: An "Alternate Ending"!

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