Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 13 (story spoilers)

It's the penultimate entry for The Last Of Us' main story! There will be story spoilers in this one.

Thinking about grabbing The Order 1886, I hear it has Photo Mode. It's also been criticized for being very short (about 4 hours with little replay value), but it's gone down to $40, so $10/hour is still pretty good. Better value than most things, at least.

Anywho, hit the jump for shots.

A hole in the ceiling reveals that Joel and Ellie are very close now.

The final stretch of Infected line this tunnel.

Close up of a Bloater. They almost remind me of the Collectors from Mass Effect.

Joel and Ellie can use bricks and bottles to stun enemies, or intentionally miss them to cause a noise distraction.

Sometimes full on stealth is an option, as some enemies are completely blind.

A flooded tunnel with rushing water. Falling in doesn't kill you, but it sure does make getting back out a huge hassle.

Joel and Ellie get caught up in a current of water. Joel (barely visible) frantically swims to Ellie, seen in the distance. As dark as this seems, this is one of my favourite shots, purely from a composition standpoint.

After a long cutscene, we are in the hospital. They have indeed found the Fireflies (who knocked Joel out due to not knowing who he was), and their leader Marlene (who is met earlier in the game). The Fireflies are about to operate on Ellie to remove the parasite to make a vaccine, which will kill her since it is attached to her brain. Joel, having grown so attached to Ellie, will not let this happen. He murders the man who is escorting him out and begins his one-man rampage through the hospital.

Joel is knocked down by a shotgun blast. The player is just as vulnerable as enemies.

When I first grabbed this shot, it was because it looked cool. Now it reminds me a lot of some of Deadly Premonition's camera angles from the Xbox 360 version.
The final set for the main story is coming up next, stay tuned for those shots, and as always, thanks for checking this out.

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