Monday, July 27, 2015

The Last Of Us: Left Behind - Part 3, Also About Troy Baker

image: playstation blog
How about a helping of new Left Behind Photo Mode screenshots? But before that:

I feel a need to address what happened with Troy Baker, Joel's voice actor.

Troy reposted a transphobic joke, comparing Brett Michaels' appearance to Caitlyn Jenner (which might as well be "he looks like a transgender woman! ha ha ha!" it's really just the transphobic equivalent of comparing Black people to monkeys), people called him on it (I cannot comment on the civility of it, because the tweet itself was deleted before I was able to see it), he got offended by people being offended and rage quit Twitter instead of being a grown up and apologizing.

"It's just a joke!" doesn't count for anything because to transgender people, this is not a joke, it is their lives. They have had to live with mockery and ridicule simply for daring to be themselves in a society that still treats them as a cheap punchline. So you'll have to excuse some people for not wanting to laugh at themselves when the world is always doing that anyway.

I want to get to the goods of this post soon, so in conclusion, Troy handled this in the worst possible way, which is very disappointing because he's a great actor and I love hearing him in the games I play. All Troy needs to do is come back and apologize, and hopefully learn from this. That said, comedy is hard, and people need room to make mistakes. I hope Troy's critics know that. Before I get off the soapbox, I would like to point out that both Nolan North (voice of David in The Last Of Us, also That Guy From Every Other Game, Ever) and Evil Dead legend Bruce Campbell have also made transphobic posts and guess what? They owned up to them instead cowering away in the Angry Dome. Take notes, Mr. DeWitt.

Okay, with that out of the way, hit the jump for Part 3!

Back to the present: Ellie keeps the eyes on her prize.

Looking for a way up. Of course, it's locked.

Ellie wades through what must be frigid water.

A parking garage. Ellie needs to turn the power on to progress.

A Stalker meets its end.

Time for some old fashioned gas siphoning.

A loose live cable runs into the water, because of course it does.

Ellie uses the ducts to get around the electricity problem.

Stalking a Clicker in a store.

Back at the locked door, some friends have come to play.

Once again, fire and lots of it is the solution.

Gettin to the choppa.
And that concludes this set. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more.

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