Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Last Of Us: Left Behind - Part 2

image: playstation blog
Time for another helping of Photo Mode pics from Left Behind. In this post, we'll meet Riley, portrayed by Yaani King.

Hit the jump for shenanigans.

Flashback: After about 6 weeks apart, Ellie and Riley are reunited when Riley sneaks into Ellie's dorm room. She insists on taking Ellie to see something.
An old kung fu movie poster. Signed, too!

The slogan of the Fireflies.

On the roof of an abandoned building.

Riley takes Ellie into a mall.

Rummaging through a Firefly tent.

Ellie tries hard liquor for the first time. Accepting the drink is optional.

A horse saddle, likely a throwback reference to horseback sections of the main game.

Fun in the party store.

More mask-related shenanigans.

A mini game involving bricks and car windows.

Heart to heart with Riley. The dialogue will be different depending on who wins the brick throwing match.

The switch for the mall's power. BUT DOES IT WORK?! (yes, yes it does).

 Annnd that's it for this update. Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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