Tuesday, June 9, 2015

InFamous: Second Son - Part 1

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Taking a small break from The Last Of Us, I recently logged back into InFamous: Second Son to grab some shots in Photo Mode.

A brief plug before we get to that, though. The Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive is on sale this for Deals With Gold this week. If you have a Gold account, you can grab the standard or deluxe editions on the dashboard at a discount. If you have the game but no DLC, you can grab the Season Pass at a discount as well (Deluxe comes with the pass plus some extra guns and melee skins). It's one of the most fun games I've ever played, and I highly recommend it. Best of all, you can play three hours for free and keep your save progress (I think. That's usually how it works). All info is right here.

Now then:

Second Son is an open world game where Delsin Rowe, an Akomish Native American with the power to absorb the powers of other Conduits (who have the ability to manipulate materials such as smoke and neon) seeks to absorb the powers of Augustine, a Conduit who embeds concrete shards into the bodies of his tribe members, so he can heal them. Delsin travels to Seattle to do this, and Seattle is put in lockdown by Augustine's DUP forces (Department of Unified Protection), who are there to capture any runaway Conduits. Second Son features a Karma system, which goes towards Good or Evil depending on the player's choices in terms of play style and plot decisions.

All shots are taken post-game, and there are no real plot spoilers.

Delsin Rowe as seen with full Evil Karma. Karma determines appearance and powers.

The game is full of randomly generated encounters that will adjust your Karma accordingly. In this case, beating up protesters grants Evil Karma.

One of Delsin's Concrete powers, Boulder Dash. It's basically sprinting with a suit of armour on.

Delsin has many ways to get around the open world. Each type of Material has a different way of doing so.

Delsin does a ground pound, sending a DUP soldier into the air.

Powers can only be used so much before they need to recharge. Delsin can replenish his Concrete from fallen DUPs foes.

Smoke allows Delsin to perform a boosted jump from a car.

A smoke dash, can be used to get around or to dash through barricades.

Delsin is quite nimble and can climb most objects and buildings.

Video grants Delsin temporary flight. Visuals for Video will be blue if his Karma is Good.

Somehow I managed to glitch myself into some geometry. Always fun. Thankfully you can shuffle around to the point where you'll fall into water and be able to warp yourself to shore.

The game lets you go pretty high up. Hope you aren't afraid of heights.

Delsin on the game's highest point.

And what fun is going to the highest point if you aren't going to jump right off? 

The impact from a Comet Drop. Each Material will have a different visual effect, although the practical effect will be the same.

 Thanks for reading, will be back with more another day.

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