Friday, June 5, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 8

It's been a few days, so here's another update.

Before that, though, I of course must voice my excitement for the announcement of Fallout 4:

Okay, that video is 10 hours long, don't watch the whole thing (unless you really want to). I absolutely love the Fallout series, and cannot wait to explore the wasteland again. I just hope it's a bit more stable than previous games, though it really isn't a Fallout game without game breaking bugs, is it?

Anyway, onto the next segment of The Last Of Us!

Some places are filled with fungal spores that can infect a person when breathed in. Joel will put a gas mask on when necessary. 

A Bloater, a late stage Infected that has grown armoured plates. Shiv upgrades won't save Joel from one of these guys if they get too close.

As usual, liberal use of fire is the recommended solution.

Outside, Joel dollies in a generator to open the electronically sealed gate.

This is their destination, the science lab.

Scavenging is a key part of the game, and exploration is usually rewarded.

They expected to find the Fireflies here, but it is deserted. Looks like they packed up and left.

Ellie shifts through some binders. AI companions don't just stand around, they will interact with the environment. Here it is prescripted, but other times they will poke around whatever's in the area.

A noise alerts the two.

The only Firefly they find is the head scientist. Unfortunately, he's kind of dead due to being bitten by an infected test monkey, and didn't want to turn. He did however, provide a voice recording with the location of the new lab.
Let's end on that dark note, shall we? Things are gonna ramp up in the next update, so sit tight!

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