Tuesday, June 16, 2015

InFamous: Second Son - Part 2

image: playstation.com
Time for the second and final set of InFamous: Second Son pics.

But first, I must say that this year's E3 reveals were pretty stellar. Mass Effect: Andromeda and Gears 4 (and the previously gushed upon Fallout 4) are on the "to obsess over" list. Really liked the Star Wars: Battlefront footage, but it's out too soon after Fallout 4. Dark Souls 3 will be more delightful masochism and nerd rage. And DOOM looks like a great treat for old fans and those of us who played it later when it went up on Steam, and it's sure to stir up the moral panic-y types. I haven't watched it yet, but I am sure I will love the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gameplay demo. Backwards compatibility for the Xbox One is great but all the people who traded their games in for the One are probably understandably annoyed.

On the flip side:

The Black Ops 3 demo used really, really, boring campaign footage, which is a shame because I think the Black Ops campaigns are the best of the franchise. I'm sure there will be more eventful parts, but that was way too underwhelming for a franchise known for being "like Michael Bay, but video games". And like Battlefront, it's too close to the release of Fallout 4.

I was also pretty disappointed that Sony didn't show off Salt And Sanctuary, the new game from Ska Studios, the creators of Dishwasher and Charlie Murder. I've been watching their dev streams on Twitch and the game is looking solid. They are also a two person husband-wife studio (with cats), and could have greatly benefited from the exposure.

And with that out of the way, hit the jump for more super powered fun times, in screenshot form!

Delsin absorbs some neon power. For signs like this, he'll take it from individual letters, not the whole sign at once.

Light speed allows for flanking and quick getaways.

Some of Delsin's powers allow him to temporarily disable enemies.

The game employs regenerating health. When this happens, there is visual feedback on Delsin.

A charged neon beam attack, great for dealing with vehicles.

Delsin's melee attack, determined by the power set he is currently using.

Here's Good Delsin, absorbing some Video power, based off of a video game the Conduit he gets it from plays.

Invisibility, which allows for easier takedowns or stealth kills.

And now, a guy playing an electric guitar that isn't plugged in. And it appears that he is playing an F power chord.

A DUP soldier subdued via non-lethal takedown. 

Pedestrian NPCs as seen in the smartphone era. They'll take pictures of incidents, and even snap some of Delsin when you walk past them. They will also react to you accordingly depending on your Karma level.

Some NPCs can be healed for Good Karma. This guy has the harness on because he was believed to be a "bio-terrorist", which is an anti Conduit slur.

The game also features powers that cause massive devastation, called Karma Streaks. You can't activate Photo Mode while the animation plays, so here is the aftermath of the Neon Karma Streak. In this case, all of the enemies are subdued but not dead, as this is Good Delsin. He's kind of like Batman, but a poor grunge kid.
And that's it for InFamous: Second Son! Definitely pick it up if you have a PS4, and if you're a Trophy Hunter, it's an easy Platinum.

Stay tuned for more of The Last Of Us, because I seriously still have like a bazillion images to post.

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