Friday, June 12, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 9 (story spoilers)

It's time for another round of The Last Of Us Remastered!

I recently started playing The Elder Scrolls Online, so you'll have to forgive me if I manage to forget to post an update. Last night around 3-ish I said, "I'll just finish this quest and go to bed" and it was 4:30 before I knew it. Yeah.

Anyway, hit that jump for some spoiler-ific shots. Maybe disturbing content for some.

Let's start big. Hunters have found Joel and Ellie, this one met the business end of a machete.

AI companions can be grabbed and sometimes need to be freed.

Joel will employ brutal executions, to which Ellie will react to (at least at when we first meet her).

Big turning point here. Joel suffers a serious injury, Ellie takes point as they try to escape the lab.

Joel may have trouble moving, but he's still got some fight in him.

Shot of the final playable sequence in this part. Joel is beginning to black out and is now fully dependent on Ellie.

Winter arrives. The player now controls Ellie, who has had to learn how to hunt and be independent.

Ellie tracks a deer she has shot through unfamiliar territory.

At this point she meets David and James, other survivors. Ellie, not trusting them fully, holds David hostage while James gets medicine for Joel. In the meantime, Ellie and David find shelter, but are attacked by Infected. 

David makes an exit.
And there we go. Thanks as always for checking this out. More to come, of course.

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