Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 12

image: playstation.com
We're getting pretty close to the end here with The Last Of Us! At some point I may consider doing a New Game+ to grab some shots from sections I missed due to not thinking of doing this at the time (also, PS4 Trophies. Precious, precious Trophies that mean nothing at all!).

Of course, I am expecting my schedule for work any time soon, so who knows how many more posts I'll get done before it slows down.

Anywho, enjoy the next set.

Neglected for 20 years, this highway is covered in grass and shrubs, and it still better cared for than the Gardiner Express Way.

Joel and Ellie stand outside a bus station.

This bus station was once an evacuation zone immediately after the initial outbreak.

Ellie is a bit more reserved after the confrontation with David.

Ellie is distracted by something as she drops a ladder down for Joel.

A giraffe from the nearby zoo now roam freely.

Up close and personal with the giraffe.

Really up close and personal with the giraffe.

One of the game's most peaceful, serene and perfect moments in a story full of chaos and death.

"You can't deny that view."

Ellie takes an interest in a sci-fi comic book series, Savage Starlight. Her and Joel will find issues of these scattered throughout the game.

Sometimes the game adopts a Fallout-esque sense of humour.

The bus platform was converted into a triage unit.

Inside a triage tent. 

A photo of Joel with his daughter, Sarah, who was killed in the game's introduction. This photo was offered to Joel by Tommy back in Jackson County, which he refused at the time. Ellie is quite the sneaky one, as you can see.
A couple more of these left, things are going to ramp up again. Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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