Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 10

image: playstation.com
Been a while, time for more of The Last Of Us! I knew this was going to happen to moment I started playing Elder Scrolls Online.

I got nothing to preface this with, so here's the obligatory "hit the jump" sentence.

Separated, Ellie hides from Clickers. 
Ellie's sneak attacks are less stealthy and a bit more reckless.

Ellie and David regroup and look for a way out.

I'd have taken a shot of the Infected ambush, but I was a little caught up in the action. So here's an "after" shot!
A bit later, some plot stuff happens. And then...

Ellie draws out David's Hunters away from where Joel is recovering.

Jump, Callus, jump!

Callus is shot down and Ellie is forced to continue on foot.

David's Hunters scour the area for Ellie.

...it's not going so well for them.

A view of another resort across the lake. The world might be in shambles, but there's always time to take in the view.
That's all for now, See you next time!

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