Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 11

A few days have past since the last post, meaning it is time for the obligatory update! Some freaky/disturbing stuff within.

Ellie making her way through a resort.
 In hindsight, ending the last set off with that screenshot might have made more sense, as the next shot is where it switches back to Joel.

Joel awakens the house Ellie had commandeered to use as shelter. He's still not fully recovered.

A nail bomb, a crafted weapon Joel learns to make earlier in the game.
Gameplay switches back to Ellie, who has escaped from David. After biting him. David can be seen outside, talking to his Hunters.

Winter really picks up here, so Ellie can use the blizzard to hide.

The obligatory ironic "All You Can Eat" empty buffet shot.

Here Ellie squares off against David in a cat-and-mouse boss fight that employs the game's stealth mechanics. Much stabbing ensues. 
Switching back to Joel, who has just interrogated and killed some of David's Hunters to find out where David was keeping Ellie.

You could say it's a bit nippy out.

A frozen corpse rests against a car. Was he here before, or after the Hunters moved in?

Joel huddles next to a flaming barrel, with Hunters around the corner.

Joel discovers the meat locker. The cannibalism practiced by David's people was revealed in the cutscene were Ellie escapes from him.
They reunite after Ellie deals with David. Hard cut to Spring time.

The highway to Salt Lake City, where the Fireflies have relocated.

More of the grim realities of an infection apocalypse.

Ellie tells Joel of a dream she had about having to try to take control of a crashing plane. To quote Joel, "Dreams are weird".
And there we go. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more.

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