Monday, May 18, 2015


Hi. My name is Chris Chan. I am an animation grad, concert goer, video game player, background extra and odd-job taker. I also contribute to the Sunset Overdrive Wikia. I have decided to start up a blog after fiddling with the Photo Mode on the Playstation 4 game, The Last Of Us Remastered. Most of the updates will be screenshots which I deem to have photography-grade quality, although some may have UI elements due to the lack of a Photo Mode. I might even link to the odd video I hack together in Xbox One's Upload Studio (or PS4 Share Factory, should I get around to using it). The odd opinion piece might spring up as well.

I have no intended schedule for this blog, and stuff will be updated whenever. Here's a few examples of stuff I'll be posting.

Photo Mode example: InFamous: First Light, PS4 (Sucker Punch Productions, 2014)
Raw example: Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One (Insomniac Games, 2014)
Video example: Sunset Overdrive (made in Upload Studio), violence and language warning.

Speaking of violent content, I'll do my best to keep it PG-13. So, the one of Cassie Cage taking a selfie after knocking out Jason Vorhees' jaw in Mortal Kombat X is probably out of the question. Maybe I'll do an external link thing for those instead.

Anywho, hopefully this will catch the interest of some people. I've got a run of The Last Of Us Remastered shots lined up, with more to come (I am still trudging through it, been taking my time since I have played through it twice on PS3), so content is going up soon.

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