Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 5

Another day, another batch of The Last Of Us Remastered Photo Mode fun. Slight spoilers within.

The group arrives in a suburb. Some people barricaded their homes and tried to hold out.

Ellie and Sam take a breather.

Joel tells Ellie about ice cream trucks. She has a hard time believing it.

Feral dogs duke it out.

Sam and Ellie play a game of darts.

A grill stands on a barren patio, not cooking delicious burgers. A true tragedy.

A Hunter fires from a sniper perch, which Joel must flank.

Joel takes over the sniper rifle and defends the group from a Hunter attack, and Ellie gives her approval. This will be the last time we see Sam and Henry, due to the events of a cutscene that takes place shortly after.
At this point in the game, it is now Fall.

Jackson County is where Joel expects to find his brother Tommy.

A hydroelectric dam. 

"That grave... is too small."
A bulldozer slowly being reclaimed by nature.
An old military zone entrance.
Once again, thanks for reading. Still lots more to come!

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