Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 6

Time for another update for The Last Of Us Remastered. Let's see what Ellie and Joel have gotten themselves into this time.

Joel and Ellie are met by Joel's brother Tommy and his wife Maria.

Ellie is enthusiastic about finding out they have horses here.

The settlement's "guard dog". More lovable than vicious.

Two of the men Tommy has working getting the power restored.

Tommy oversees the final phase of getting the turbines ready. Power floods the station shortly.

Hunters attack shortly after the power comes on. Because of course they do.

Joel fights a few disoriented Hunters through a smoke screen, caused by a craftable smoke bomb.

After the Hunter attack, Joel has an argument with Ellie, which causes her to steal a horse and take off. Joel and Tommy head out to track her down.

After a Hunter ambush, they track her to an old corral.

The place is pretty tidy, meaning either this place was well hidden or just recently abandoned.
Annnd we'll leave off there. Thanks for reading.

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