Monday, May 25, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 4

Time for another helping of The Last Of Us Remastered! Let's see what our friends have gotten themselves into this time. A bit of mildly violent and somewhat disturbing content warning.

A few more movie posters created to make the-world-that-was more believable.

Joel hurls a molotov at a Hunter stunned from being hit with a bottle. Salt, meet wound.

The game's cover system differs greatly from the tried and true system used in Gears of War and Mass Effect 2+3, while still being essential for stealth and survival.

A view of the city's skyline.

The boat is not only a source of supplies, but a whole back story was written about its owner, for the player to discover via collectables.

Wildlife will still thrive, due to the Cordyceps only affecting humans and insects. Thankfully there are no giant fungus bugs in this game.

Exploring a sewer tunnel. In the background, that's Henry and his brother Sam.

Joel pushes a raft so Ellie can power up that platform.

They find traces of civilization. Even a sewer tunnel can be converted into a home.
Infected ambush the group. This actually made me jump even though I've been through this twice before on the previous console. Cool fact: it's actually Henry's shot you see, except the muzzle smoke was not lined up with his gun, so I orbited the camera so Joel covers it. It just looked weird.

This was a children's playroom. A man named Kyle did his best to protect the children but took desperate measures to stop them from turning. One of the many sobering moments in the game.

Up close and personal with a Clicker, later stage Infected that rely on echolocation to find prey, due to the fungus destroying the eyes. An upgrade for Joel allows him to stab any Clicker that grabs him from the front (otherwise, it's instant death).

Sometimes all you can do is run.

And sometimes the solution is fire, and lots of it.

This is the other side of the sewer entrance. Insert ironic trumpets here.
Hope you enjoyed the larger content update. As always, more to come and thanks for reading!

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