Sunday, May 24, 2015


So here's the first video post. At least one of them is actually new!

Obvious violence and maybe language warnings.

From Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode (a gauntlet style mode). Barry Burton gets into a knife fight with an Iron Head when he runs out of ammo.

Another Knife Fight video, this time as Pedro. Against a shielded enemy. The game is pretty cruel like that sometimes.

A few clips of a Night Defense mission in Chaos Squad in Sunset Overdrive. More like "Sensory OverloadDrive", amirite?

Titanfall, where Call of Duty meets giant punchy robots! Here I take down an Ogre titan on foot.

And this is the new one. I took 5 "fails" in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and put them into a video. These failures had to be genuine, none of these were on purpose.

And that's the update. Hope you were at least mildly entertained!

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