Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 3

And we're back with more shots from The Last Of Us Remastered! Hit the jump to continue on to Part 3!

edit: While adding a search description to these posts I noticed I forgot to set these images to "large". Derp.

Barricades similar to that of a Hollywood zombie outbreak

Joel tries to play an old piano. Its only use now is as a stepping stool.

The Hunters see themselves as freedom fighters.

Naughty Dog isn't above poking fun at teenage supernatural romance.

Hunters fire at Joel using a makeshift APC.

Imagine this kind of setting is where your final moments take place.

If Joel gets pinned by an enemy during gameplay, Ellie will eventually give assistance of the stabby variety.

Joel eventually trusts her enough to cover him with a firearm.

Little things are added to the environment to tell stories of people from before the outbreak.

Joel and Ellie will sometimes find new companions. In the post-outbreak world, whom do you trust?
And that's a wrap on this part. Probably be some Infected in the next part, as I believe I am close to one of those sections.

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