Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Last Of Us Remastered - Part 2

image: playstation.com

Welcome to the next installment of The Last Of Us Remastered. I've got a bigger update here, and I will try to keep updates (for this game at least) nice and meaty. I took a slew of screenshots last night, and don't want to overwhelm myself by the time I update this thing. Also, more content for the reader. Win-win!

As a side note, most of these are in sequential order of the game, and major spoilers are probably unavoidable (posts will be flagged as such).

Anywho, hit the jump to continue to Part 2!

Sometimes Joel needs to do a little swimming to progress. Ellie cannot swim and relies on Joel to get her around these areas.

Uninfected humans are usually the biggest threat in The Last Of Us.

Ellie crosses a plank to the hotel.

Some people wouldn't let themselves become Infected.

Joel and Ellie in the lobby of a luxury hotel.

Joel draws the bow, used for silent attacks or distractions.

Joel struggles as a Hunter tries to drown him. He is then saved by Ellie, but berates her. Context: The two were separated, and Joel instructed Ellie to stay out of sight. During sequences like this, there is limited control over the camera in Photo Mode.

Ellie is more distant after this incident...

... and for a bit, doesn't follow Joel as closely.

A luxury banquet hall, now abandoned and ruined.
Stay tuned for more! Currently playing through Episode 3 of Life Is Strange on the Xbox One. Next update will likely be a few shots from that.

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